BatKol History

Bat Kol:
P.O.Box 4047
Philadelphia, PA 19118-8047

Ph: 619-719-3076
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Board of Directors
Bat Kol's executive board members include:
Rabbi Rochelle Robins
Laura Merkin
The Reverend Bob Cholke
Nikki Dienstman

Bat Kol's board of advisors is comprised of individuals from numerous religious, health care, and educational disciplines.

The artwork you see throughout the Bat Kol website is taken from panels designed and made by E. R. Hurvich for a truly one-of-a-kind quilt. The quilt was raffled off in a successful Bat Kol fundraiser, and we extended our thanks again to E. R. Hurvich for creating and donating this quilt for us. Each panel of this quilt is associated with a Jewish teaching.

For more information about the quilt and the artist, drop us a line.

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